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Frequently asked questions

No, you don't need to login to search the library catalogue.

You will however need to identify yourself if you want to place a reservation, booking, request, add a review or tag items. If you login before searching the Library Catalogue, Spydus will remember your details for the duration of your login session and you will not need to enter your details again to use these services.

Go to Join Online in the My Library panel, where there will be instructions and a guide to what you can do with an online membership.

You can also visit a library to join, more details are Join a Library

If you have forgotten your PIN/password and we have a record of your email address, we can send you an email containing a link to reset it. Please do check your spam folder if you don't think the email has come through.

Do the following to reset your PIN/password if you know your email address is in your record:

  1. Open the Login menu in the My Library panel and select Forgot Your PIN/Password?
  2. Follow the prompts on screen.

An email with a link for resetting your password will be sent to your registered email address.

Please contact us on or in the library if you think your email address is not in your record or don't have an email address.

You can add or amend email addresses in your record once logged in.

All memberships expire after 2 years.

The details are not then removed from our records so the membership can be renewed for another 2 years.

Memberships expire so we can confirm your details, this helps us in maintaining our records, and helping us to contact you.

Expired memberships which are not renewed are deleted from our records after a period of time.

If we have your correct email address we will contact you a month before expiry to remind you, this will include a iink to a webform to provide the information we need.
You can also renew your membership in the following ways:

We will ask you to confirm your postal address, your contact phone numbers and whether the email address we have for you is the correct one to contact you on.

You can see the expiry date on your membership at any time in the Personal Details section of My Account

To renew your loans:

  1. Login to My account and access the dashboard.
  2. Select the tile to display all Current loans.
  3. If you want to renew individual loans select by ticking the checkbox for each loan you would like to renew then click Renew Selections, under the Options menu.
  4. If you want to renew all your current loans, click Renew All, under the options menu.

The system will now process your selections. Your list of loans will be returned showing the result for each renewal in the status column. Please note the new due date for each loan.

Items may not be renewed online  where they are more than 3 days overdue. If your items are overdue please contact your nearest library, the renewal number above or email 

You may not be able to renew items if they have been reserved by another customer. You can renew your items online 3 times before you are required to bring them in to the library.

You can also renew loans by phoning a library or by emailing the library 

Yes, if we have an email address registered for you or the children you are guarantor for, you will get a courtesy loan reminder before your loans are due back so you can renew them.

After the loans are due back, you will get emails from us 1 day after the loan is due from which you can renew the loans yourself (this works for up to 3 days after the loan is due back)

You will also get emails 7 and 14 days after the loans are due after which you would need to contact the library to renew loans.

If you don't have an email registered with us you can add this in My Account or contact us by email

Access to your account may be blocked if:

  • You have tried to enter a PIN too many times. If that happens contact us by email Email where it can be removed.
  • If your loans are overdue more than 3 days – if this is the case contact the library to renew the items or return them to the library
  • Your account has expired - library accounts last for 2 years before expiry, at which point the details are checked. Contact the library and we can extend the account for another 2 years. You will not need to have a new library card or PIN.

Reservations can be placed for free on any items from the library catalogue either online or in person, for pick-up from a Solihull library. Inter-library loans are not available at present.

To place a reservation

  1. Perform a search for the title you would like to reserve and view the record in full display.
  2. Select the Place Reservation button. This button will only appear if a reservation may be placed on this title (eg if the book is for use in the library only). A form will be presented for you to complete.
  3. Enter your library card number and PIN if you are not already logged in.
  4. Select the library location you would like to collect the item from.
  5. Select the item you would like to reserve. You can choose from the following:
    • Any copy from any location.
    • Any copy from a specific location and collection.
    • A specific copy.
  6. Select an expiry period or enter a specific expiry date. Your reservation will be automatically cancelled if not satisfied by this date.
  7. Enter any notes you would like to include then select the Continue button.
  8. You will be advised by email if there are any charges or problems with your reservation. If the reservation is successful you will see the status of your reservation which includes your current rank in the waiting list for the title. Library staff will notify you by email or phone once it is ready to collect.

Please make sure your email address is included and is correct in the Personal Details section of My Account, the notifications when your reservation is available will normally come by email.

Events for which booking is desirable or essential will be advertised on the Events page, the link for which is next to the Help link at the top of the catalogue page.

  1. Search for the event by location, date or audience
  2. Click on Register for event
  3. A form will be shown – fill in the details required, some fields will be mandatory
  4. Login to your account to have the event show there; in some cases library membership will be required.
  5. A confirmation will be emailed to you with event details

If you are unable to attend the event, please do cancel the booking (see instructions below) or email the library on as it may allow other customers a place.

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